Gender and racial discrimination, surveillance, exploitation and so forth are only effects. The real problem is – that it is possible to suppress the people by false Science or false descriptions of the world – that supports Might Is Right. Or like this. We are not genuine citizens.

07 December 2016

Open Letter To Angela Merkel - The Real Problem Is That The Schools Trick Us By A False Science Based On Static Dogmas Of The Church

Updated, fixed sloppy language, 8 December 2016

This letter as a pdf (opens in a new window).

Dear Angela Merkel,

The ongoing total crisis of the West is called economical or political. The true cause of the difficulties is an intellectual confusion as our possibilities to understand life and the world are usually restricted by hidden religious dogmas.

Please observe, I am for sure not against religion or Christ. I only expose that, today are we denied to investigate and improve what we actually are able to understand and talk about by hidden religious dogmas; that demand absolute submission.


What It Is All About
The Usually Hidden Relations
My Message To You


The massive problem is the Academic tradition, that has a monopoly of Knowledge and Education, is an organisation with hidden religious objectives, that trick the people AND the political élite to accept or even worship Dictatorship; by hidden dogmas of the Church that is said to be Reason and Science.

For example the central demand to be Normal in the so called Science of Psychology has no concrete definition as it is a hidden Static dogma of the Church; that means that the people must be restricted to accept how it is and to obey.

The historic relation is that our capacity to comprehend how to improve life and the society, in a concrete manner, has been replaced by to accept how it is and to obey.


Angela Merkel, head of the government of Germany, has for a long time said that the big problem is nationalism. And in 2017 Merkel wants to be re-elected in the federal elections in Germany.

Here is a recent example of the current situation. Merkel Must Change to Meet Germany's Challenges, Dirk Kurbjuweit, Der Spiegel, 25 November 2016. Kurbjuweit says.

... No less than liberal democracy is at stake.

It is the very foundations of this Liberal democracy that is based on false explanations of life and the world to support Hidden Might is Right. So, that the current Western terror, called Liberal democracy, is finally breaking up is the best that has happened for almost two thousand years!

The opportunity and challenge is now to create a culture of real Democracy based on a real Science and a concrete Reason.

What It Is All About

Most people hate the School and suspect that they are misled by the massmedia or the Lügenpresse/Lying press. But, they can usually not understand in a concrete fashion why or how it is like it is; as they from the beginning are trained to have a false understanding of life and the world that only supports to accept how it is and to obey.

We are simply tricked into a Static worldview – that takes away any concrete Dynamic qualities – like to develop the joy to discover, create and cooperate and are forced to accept how it is and to obey. Consequently, becomes Hidden or Open Dictatorships the same as how it must be.

All in all. We need to throw out the stupidity to restrict our capacity to understand life and the world.

We need to dissolve any relation between the State and the Academic tradition, that restrict our capacities, and develop a new system for how the State can support real Education and real Science.

The Usually Hidden Relations

The main and real objective of the Academic tradition is to make real thinking and real understanding mystical; in order to force the people to accept how it is and to obey.

The simple historic fact, that is usually hidden today, is that the current worldview of the West is a construction made to hide Dictatorship was made by the military dictatorship of the Roman empire.

The formal name of this method to fool the people to stupidity and suppression is Platonism.

Platonism is constructed to eliminate the foundations of true Democracy and true Science as it was developed and used in Athens. As the Athenians had formulated their ideals it was easy for the Romans to know what to eliminate.

The core of Platonism is to make the people believe that Reason, or the capacity to think, to reach insights, is mystical or impossible to grasp in a concrete manner.

In practice this means that The Mystical Reason reject concrete understanding of anything else than to accept how it is and to obey. The desired effect is that the highest Authority, like for example a State, is godlike or some form of god.

The teachings of the Academic cult are therefore based on the ideals of Dictatorship that has resulted in, for example Nationalism, Communism, Fascism and Nazism. So, it is about time to cut off any relation between the national States of the Western world and the Academic tradition.

One of the main problems of today, or perhaps THE main problem, is that the massmedia is totally owned and made by promoters of the ideal to use hidden religious dogmas to fool the political élite as well as the people. I would be delighted if I am proved to be wrong.

My Message To You

You are a powerful leader, not afraid to take a fight to do the right thing. For example, you kicked out Nuclear power in order to establish a foundation for sustainable alternatives.

So, if you now kick out the Academic tradition, or to be more precise dissolve all relations between the Academic cult and the State and set up a new structure for Education and Science. A fundament that supports our concrete capacity to improve, innovate and create can only result in a sustainable real growth in many dimensions. And then will other nations follow Germany.

You have the opportunity to finally put an end to the ongoing tragedy of the West, almost two thousand years of extreme stupidity and unnecessary sufferings, by opening up to a prosperous era of the Western civilisation.

You have the power and all the reasons to dissolve the relations between the Academic cult and the State. It will not be easy. So please, begin at once!

And do remember, Crisis means literally turning point and at the bottom of Pandora's box is the Hope.

These two simple messages from the ancient Greeks are examples of insights of Dynamic relations that the current Static Western culture is built on to eliminate a concrete understanding of.

In my book This Is How The State Fucks Your Mind are more concrete relations as well as undeniable historic facts.

The latest chapters that I have added are:

26. Virtus Killed Arete Therefore Can You Only Be A Normal Worker And Consumer – Overview Of The Mythological Level

27. The Demand To Be Normal Is A Dogma Of The Church To Guarantee That You Are A Uniform Soldier

Yours sincerely,

Ola Alexander Frisk

01 December 2016

The German Nazis Searched For The Intellectual History Of The West

This video has no English subtitles. But, even without full understanding, this documentary about the 1938–39 German expedition to Tibet is extremely interesting.

About the documentary Geheimnis Tibet (in German).

Their organisation for such investigations was called Ahnenerbe and to follow this links on Wikipedia opens up to a wealth of information.

An essential part of our current history and the current description of what is our reality is the fact that the German Nazis actively searched for the intellectual history of the West.

This fact is vital in many dimensions. For example, that such initiatives was made demonstrate that the Nazi movement was, or perhaps is, not as simple minded as they usually are presented to be.

See also on this blog.

The current culture of the West is based on that you can only be an obedient soldier as anything else is made mystical


This post is made because I need the link to this post, to be able to finish a forthcoming chapter and will be changed/updated later on.

29 November 2016

To your all that later on will say: We could not know

Jarman winner Heather Phillipson: 'My next work will be furious. Fascism is on my doorstep', Adrian Searle, The Guardian, 28 November 2016.
But I think my work has got more and more angry and overtly political. Looking back at my old work, there was a lovely innocent time when I could make a video about french kissing. Not that it was really that, but I didn’t have to think about fascism, that it was on my doorstep.
Heather Phillipson, site, twitter

Europe's dangerous milestones, Gavin Hewitt, BBC, 29 November 2016.
The dates stretch out over the months ahead; days in the calendar that could define Europe's values and shape the future of liberal democracy.
‘Alt-right’ online poison nearly turned me into a racist, Anonymous, The Guardian, 28 November 2016.
... If it can happen to a lifelong liberal, it could happen to anyone

And over it all is the big fucking silence about WHY it is like this.


Update: 1 December 2016

Should we even go there? Historians on comparing fascism to Trumpism, Isabel Best, The Guardian, 1 December 2016.



Update: 4 December 2016

Boris Johnson: democracy is in retreat across world, Patrick Wintour, The Guardian, 2 December 2016.

"Boris Johnson will issue a warning that democracy is in retreat across the world and that a “cult of the strongman” is taking hold, raising the prospect that the concept of a global liberal order will fade into irrelevance."


19 November 2016

New Chapters - You are Trapped by Hidden Platonism that Makes You Extremely Stupid

You are Trapped by Hidden Platonism that restrict your perspectives and possibilities to understand life and the world.

As you will find out the current culture of the West is based on Platonism that is a system that create hidden mental and emotional (Static) barriers in order to eliminate concrete understanding of (the Dynamic) life and the world.

And this is not mystical at all.

It is the Academic tradition that trick you to believe it is mystical to make and keep you stupid.

You can begin to read the new material that directly describes Platonism in the Second Division.

However, you will soon discover that you need to read to the earlier material that indirectly describes Platonism by the false Science of the Academic tradition that is the promoters of Platonism.

Observe, now I publish only the first chapters regarding the hidden culture of Platonism.

I will wait to make a big thing about the new stuff until I have published more chapters.

02 November 2016

About the Upcoming New Stuff to The Book and The Fight Against the Fucking Total Silence

My greatest problem right now is that I unfortunately need to engage in a battle with my readers as – you – are too scared to spread my message or even to make comments, in order to appear to be Normal in accordance with the dogmas of the Church; that today is said to be Science. LegeNet, The Holistic Detective twitter / web is so far one notable exemption.


Update 22 November 2016

Example, LegeNet in English Status Report 2016-11-21


In short, most of you like to read in secret and to not share perspectives.

This situation is a fucking good evidence of what the current culture of the West is all about. So, called Democracy and Science is just a cover to support a true dictatorship.

It is also so that I know for sure that most of my readers are my true enemies of the Academic cult that want to know how to defend their lies in order to protect their salaries and privileges.

All in all this means that I need to do tricks to, for example keep this site on top of Google searches.

Ergo, I have decided that I will publish the new stuff chapter by chapter once a week, usually on Fridays or during the weekends, to boost traffic.

The only exception will be the first chapters.

In an effort to make it obvious that I do have readers I will from now on show Total Pageviews and Live Traffic Feed in the margin.

So, now you have concrete evidence of that you are not alone to be silent.

Earlier I assumed that Pageviews and Live Traffic Feed was stupid; now I realise it is needed to get ahead.

And read They Thought They Were Free: The Germans, 1933-45 by Milton Mayer (1908–1986) and you will find out that silence is the force of suppression and exploitation and not anything else.